The power of a rock drummer, and the finesse of a jazz drummer, with  the rhythmic sensibility of a Afro-Cuban percussionist.           


Burroughs brings his passion to all musical styles and melodies. By weaving them into a distinct percussive tapestry, he is in a constant state of evolving. Chris takes a metaphysical approach to percussion, always in the present moment, intuitively seeking a higher level. A non-conformist, he creates his own path.

Born and raised in Rockford, Illinois drummer/percussionist Chris Burroughs began playing at the early age of four. Music was not only encouraged in the Burroughs household, it was mandatory. “My Dad was a huge fan of all things artistic, especially music. Everyone was required to play a musical instrument and I chose the drums.” 

Over the course of his professional career, Chris has performed throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia. He has been blessed to record, tour, and share the stage with artist like: Lizz Wright, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Col. Bruce Hampton, Jennifer Holiday, Russell Gunn, Chris Duarte, Tony Monaco, Greg Tardy, Dionne Farris, and Jacques Schwartz-Bart.

Burroughs leads two projects: Afrosounds and Sparrow Trio. Afrosounds, a six piece collective fuses African, funk, jazz, and world music. Sparrow Trio, features keyboardist Takana Miyamoto and guitarist Ede Wright. Their latest recording, “Hendrix Remixed” has taken the aural experience of Jimi Hendrix to a whole new level. In their skillful hands, Hendrix's music is recomposed, rearranged and massaged into an eclectic symphony of jazz improvisation. Sparrow Trio releases such a sharp and electric spirit of Hendrix that even the most loyal fan would sincerely appreciate the sheer honesty of work.

As a veteran music educator, Burroughs selflessly shares his talents with young fledgling musicians. “I teach based on the individual. Each student has a unique personality and I have to be flexible enough to address this. My success with each student comes from getting to the heart of their uniqueness and helping them translate those attributes into an individual style." 

Chris endorses Evans drum heads and Pro-Mark drum sticks. 

Chris currently resides in Stone Mountain, Georgia.